Amnesty warns of 'grave' crisis in Homs

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Amnesty warns of 'grave' crisis in Homs

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In Syria the shelling of civilian areas in neighbourhoods in the city of Homs is a growing problem say activists.

Some of the wounded its claimed have bled to death as it was too dangerous for rescuers to take them to safety.

Human rights group, Amnesty International in London has had contact with residents in Homs as James Lynch, Middle East press officer for the group explained.

“We have received the names of around 250 people who were killed in Homs, including 17 children. Hundreds more have been injured. And what is truly worrying is that there are severe problems with medical care for the injured.

‘There are great difficulties in getting medical equipment and staff to the city. And we have even seen field hospitals being hit by shells. This is a really grave humanitarian crisis in Homs”.

Damascus denies firing on houses and says images on the internet of dead bodies have been staged. In London on Saturday Amnesty International will stage what they call a Global Day of Action calling on protesters to show their defiance against those trying to suppress the growing movement of people standing up for their rights.