Ahmedinejad leads Revolution Day rally in Tehran

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Ahmedinejad leads Revolution Day rally in Tehran

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The Iranian people are celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic revolution with mass rallies in cities around the country.

The biggest was in Tehran, where President Ahmedinejad told the huge crowd in Azadi square that in the coming days they and the world would hear some “very important and very major announcements of nuclear achievements.”

However, the president may be heading for trouble. He has been summoned to parliament to answer a list of questions on his economic policy, and the rift that has appeared in his relationship with the country’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. He is the first Iranian president to be hauled before the legislature in this way since the 1979 revolution.

He must appear within the next month, which means he could answer the questions after the March 2 parliamentary elections, the first national poll since his disputed re-election in 2009.