One year on a new message in Tahrir Square

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One year on a new message in Tahrir Square

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Protesters are back in Tahrir Square in Egypt with a new message as the first anniversary of President Mubarak’s fall approaches. They are calling for the generals to hand over power. The gathering marks a weekend of planned action in Egypt. On Saturday activists have called for a strike in the country to mark the day Mubarak’s 30 year rule ended.

The Muslim Brotherhood, while not involved in the protests, has called on the coalition government to replace the military appointed one which has been criticised for its handling of the violence which flared at a football match in Port Said.

Security measures have been stepped up with reports the army has deployed more tanks and soldiers. Army units blocked the defence ministry ahead of a march to the building. Hundreds of protesters also demonstrated on the streets of Alexandria.

Egypt’s religious authorities have called on unions and youth groups to abandon the planned strike on Saturday and “to show duty to the country and spare its economy”. Analysts said there are still deep divisions between liberal and leftist youth groups on one side and the army, Islamist politicians and religious leaders.

Euronews correspondent Mustafa Bag said: “The protesters are back in Tahrir Square and with Friday prayers over will continue their demonstration. They say the military is a continuation of the old regime and now is the time for a handover of power.”