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Nacisse, from Cameroon, studying at the Free University of Brussels, asks: Why doesn’t the European Community finance students from Africa?

Dennis Abbott, EU spokesman for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, answers:

Hello Nacisse, thank you very much indeed for your question. In fact, you’re mistaken. Since 2007 the European Union has provided more than 50 million euros in support for African students to study in the EU.

In total, we’ve provided 3,000 students with grants from our Erasmus Mundus scheme to come to the European Union. In addition to that, the European Union has provided 40 million euros in support for a scheme which is within Africa itself, so African students from different countries can go and study in other African countries. So in total, we’re talking about almost a hundred million euros of EU support – which is not an inconsiderable sum, I’m sure you’d agree. On top of that, because there’s more, we also provide support to African researchers to study in the European Union, through our Marie Curie action scheme.

And finally, can I say, we plan to continue providing support to the best students from Africa to come to the European Union, and to the best researchers, through our new programme, our new proposed programme for Education, Training and Youth, which is called ‘Erasmus for All’. Thanks again for your question Nacisse; any time.

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