Political backlash from new bailout deal in Greece

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Political backlash from new bailout deal in Greece

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Fallout from Greece’s new bailout deal has begun, with Deputy Labour Minister Yiannis Koutsoukos resigning in protest.

In his statement, the politician from the majority Socialist Party said he opposes the austerity measures the government has agreed to in return for a 130 billion euro rescue package.

His party is in the coalition that has signed off on the deal, but Koutsoukos is not the only angry politician.

The leader of the far-left Syriza Party Alexis Tsipras said: “The crime being committed against the Greek people, against the country, cannot be allowed to come to pass. The bankruptcy programme will not pass.”

There were also harsh words for the coalition from inside parliament, as another leftwing politician, Spiros Chalvatzis from the Communist Party, took to the floor for an attack on the country’s leaders.

“It’s been confirmed that you are a dangerous government. You have consciously driven the country 60 years back in time, back to poverty, back to begging, back to desperation. And all of this is so that you could secure the profits of the wealthy class and businesses,” Chalvatzis said.

Perhaps mindful of the general election meant to take place in a few months, the government stance was more optimistic.

“We know for certain that there are going to be consequences from the public for the decisions we have made, but on the other hand, this is a road we must absolutely go down,” Health Minister Andreas Loverdos said, defending the deal.