Animals in Ukraine out in the cold during the big freeze

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Animals in Ukraine out in the cold during the big freeze

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Birds which used to spend winter near the lakes in Kiev’s city parks are looking for water that has not turned to ice.

According to Ukrainian ecologists, wild animals are seeking warmth and food closer to cities, towns and villages during this cold spell.

Temperatures plunge to around -30 at night and forecasts predict freezing weather for some time.

Increasingly people are coming across deer and wild cattle, but they are being told the animals are not dangerous and to help by leaving them some food.

Ecologist Volodymyr Boreyko said: “In small villages where there aren’t too many people, sometimes the wild cattle come because they don’t have any foliage now. There’s no grass or hay. So, just like farm cows, they come to find some food.”

The big freeze in Ukraine has left almost no rivers or lakes not covered with ice, where migrating birds can spend the winter. Environmentalists are asking people to feed wild birds to help them survive the severe cold conditions.