Siege of Homs moves into its sixth day

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Siege of Homs moves into its sixth day

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The Syrian army’s bombardment and siege of the city of Homs is into its sixth day.

President Bashar al Assad has said he wants to end the violence, but that cannot come soon enough for those hiding in building basements.

The streets are largely deserted with few people willing to risk being killed by sniper fire.

Walad Abdu- Kadir, a colonel in the Free Syria Army said: “The Syrian army continues to move nearer to the Baba Amr neighbourhood from different directions, attacking with artillery and destroying buildings with explosions, so the local people are living in fear.”

It seems to be an unequal battle. Rebels from the Free Syrian Army with their rifles face a growing barrage of artillery, tank and sniper fire.

The Syrian regime says its necessary to flush out terrorists.

The injured face a bleak prospect for recovery with medicines and doctors few and far between.

Despite the risk of attack funeral processions still take place. Activists say hundreds have been killed since Friday a claim impossible to verify.