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  • KLM says it will not fly over the site of the Air Algerie crash but use other flight paths to the west of the area “as a precautionary measure”
  • Russia claims Ukrainian forces have fired “around 40” shells on its Rostov province (Reuters)
  • An earthquake has struck the coast of Alaska, USA with a magnitude of 6.1 (Reuters)

Security concerns are growing in Brazil as carnival approaches and police in Bahia remain on strike.

More than 3,000 federal troops are now in the northeastern state, after a sharp increase in violence and crime since the industrial action began last Tuesday.

In the state capital Salvador, there have been more than 100 murders, more assaults and widespread looting, with criminals taking advantage of the situation.

With less than two weeks to go until the world famous street celebration, vendors are worried the strike will affect trade.

It is already impacting on the money made from tourism, according to street vendor Oriesvaldo Macedo.

“We aren’t selling these days because of the strike. People who arrive here on the cruise ships don’t come into the city. Half of them stay onboard and it’s ruining our business,” said Macedo.

Some have benefited from Brazil’s recent economic boom, but the police are demanding a 20 per cent raise in this historically poor region.

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