Brazil: Troops deployed as police strike sparks crimewave

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Brazil: Troops deployed as police strike sparks crimewave

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Soldiers have been sent in to restore order to Brazil’s third biggest city where a strike by police has sparked an explosion of violent crime.

The murder rate more than doubled in Salvador when police walked out a week ago, demanding better pay and conditions.

Calm has largely returned to the streets, thanks to the military presence, but some question how the troops have been deployed.

Student Andre Mariano claims fear still reigns in Salvador’s suburbs, with a lack of protection there.

With police on strike across northeastern Bahia state and not just in Salvador, he said 3,000 soldiers had arrived but were mostly in the administrative centre.

Striking police, holed up in the regional parliament with their families to press home their case, have clashed with troops sent in to remove them.

It has created the sort of images that are the last thing Brazil needs, two weeks before Salvador hosts Carnival celebrations attracting international visitors.

Salvador is also a host city for the 2014 football World Cup.