Syrian forces bombard Homs in 'fiercest attack yet'

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Syrian forces bombard Homs in 'fiercest attack yet'

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Reports from the Syrian city of Homs said a hospital has been hit, as government forces step up one of the fiercest bombardments yet on several districts.

Activists said rockets have been used for the first time, as well as snipers.

They believe the regime sees the Russian and Chinese vetoes of a draft UN resolution as a ‘licence to kill’, as it launches a sustained drive to crush resistance to President Bashar al-Assad’s rule.

The rebels claim the strike on a hospital caused several casualties. Amateur video uploaded onto the internet appears to show medical staff trying desperately to help the victims as cries of ‘God is great’ ring out.

The pictures are impossible to verify, but the opposition says another 50 people have been killed in Homs today, on top of Friday’s massacre that caused some 200 casualties.

The failed UN resolution would have condemned the crackdown and supported an Arab League call for Assad to step aside.

Damascus denies firing on houses and claims images of dead bodies are staged, as state media again blamed ‘armed terrorists’ for the violence.