Outrage continues over double veto at UN

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Outrage continues over double veto at UN

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The bombardment of Homs by Syrian forces has continued non-stop since Friday when activists claimed at least 200 people died. That figure increased by a further 23 on Sunday.

While the violence escalates, so does the outrage directed at Russia and China after they blocked a UN resolution that would have backed an Arab plan urging Syria’s president to give up power.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé said: “I believe that the process of the Security Council has been paralysed with the veto issued by Russia and China while 13 out of 15 countries were close to approving the resolution. Their conduct has cast a moral stain on the Security Council.”

Saturday’s resolution had already been watered down to try to get Russia on board. Both Moscow and Beijing are against anything that sounds like forcing regime change.

The US called the use of the Russian and Chinese veto a “travesty”. There are fears that both sides in Syria will now use greater force, spiralling into outright civil war.