Iran's nuclear ambitions continue to test the West

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Iran's nuclear ambitions continue to test the West

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A group of pro-government Iranian students have gathered outside the parliament building in Tehran to call on the government to stop oil exports to Europe.

The protest comes after the EU banned all Iranian oil imports as part of a sanction package designed to persuade Iran back to the negotiating table to resolve its nuclear standoff:

“We want an immediate halt to oil exports to Europe as they need six-months before they stop imports because they need to find an alternative to Iranian oil,” said one student.

President Obama has cranked up the pressure on the Islamic Republic by targeting the country’s central bank.

Obama has signed an executive order giving US banks new powers to freeze assets linked to the government.

The White House hopes the move will close loopholes in existing sanctions that Iran has exploited.

The president claims that the US is working closely with Israel to find a solution to the problem, but expressed his belief that Israel has yet to decide how to deal with the ongoing crisis.

There are reports that Israel may be planning to launch an attack on Iran in early spring.