Air France partially grounded by pilot strike

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Air France partially grounded by pilot strike

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Air France was forced to cancel around 20 per cent of its flights on Monday as pilots protested over plans to reform industrial action laws.

The government wants to make strikers give at least two days notice before staging a walkout, a move it says will allow airlines to provide a minimum of service and avoid skyhigh bills.

But sympathy was in short supply among some passengers who felt once again that they were caught in the middle.

“We arrived here yesterday morning at 9am from Montreal with a 1.5 hour delay. We were placed on another flight which was cancelled, then put on another flight which was again cancelled so we were here till 7pm when someone told us to sleep here overnight,” complained one tired passenger.

France’s main pilot union says half of its members took part in the action and more are planning to do so.

Our correspondent in Paris, Gianni Magi said during the first day of strike, disruption for passengers was quite contained, but with the strike set to continue until Thursday the ground is set for a tough test over the possibility to obtain the right to strike in the airline industry.