Putin rally organisers fined over crowd numbers

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Putin rally organisers fined over crowd numbers

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Supporters of Vladimir Putin have been found on the wrong side of the law in Russia.

Moscow authorities have slapped organisers of a demonstration in the support of the prime minister with a token 2000 ruble fine (50 euros).

Their offence was having more protesters turn up to their rally than previously announced to officials in breach of Russian civil law.

They expected 15,000 to attend. The interior ministry said over 130,000 people took part.

The opposition, which organised this event yesterday, has described the Pro-Putin rally as a sham.

They believe the figures have been vastly inflated.

Independent newspapers reported that demonstrators were paid to protest after being bussed in from other parts of the country.

The reports say the rallies were in fact organised by state-owned companies and government agencies.

The political tensions come Putin’s third electoral run for the Kremlin. The vote takes place on March 4th.