Cairo: anti-govt street violence enters fourth day

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Cairo: anti-govt street violence enters fourth day

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The centre of Cairo has been gripped by a fourth day of violent protests against the army-led Egyptian government.

Protesters are demanding a faster transition to civilian rule.

Police fired volleys of teargas to keep thousands of demonstrators back from the Interior Ministry building that has become the focus of anger.

Protesters hold the ministry responsible for 74 deaths at a football match in Port Said, that triggered this latest fury at the government.

There has been intense speculation about how the stadium violence started.

On the streets of Cairo, engineering student Ali Yusri said: ‘This situation will continue, the security forces should withdraw. The interior minister and the prime minister must resign.’

Protester Ahmed Al-Sawi said: ‘The government has the solution to calm the people. We want to know who is behind these incidents and who is benefiting from them. And we want to know who is behind the Port Said incident.’

A civilian council advising the generals in power recommended bringing forward nominations for the presidential election by nearly two months. That could lead to a vote in April or May instead of the end of June.

Twelve people in total have died in the last four days of protests.