War between two Sudans is 'possibility'

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War between two Sudans is 'possibility'

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The war of words between the recently-divided two Sudanese nations is escalating – with the President of Sudan saying war with the south is a ‘possibility’.

During an interview on state television, Omar Hassan al-Bashir insisted he wanted peace, but would go to war ‘if forced to’.

A dispute between the two countries over oil has been rumbling on for months.

Landlocked South Sudan has all the precious resource, but Sudan in the north has the ports and part of the pipeline passing through it.

The row is over fees Sudan believes it should be paid.

As the two have failed to agree a sum, Sudan has seized some of the oil in transit and detained some tankers during the export process.

South Sudan is accusing its northern neighbour of stealing 66 million euros worth of oil and stopped all production last weekend – affecting foreign companies. However, analysts predict the stoppage can not last more than five months.