Syrian troops in deadly attack on Homs: activists

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Syrian troops in deadly attack on Homs: activists

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Syrian troops have killed more than 250 people in a day-long assault on the city of Homs, opposition activists said.

Amateur video posted online purportedly shows government forces shelling apartment blocks in the Khalidya and Inshaat neighbourhoods.

euronews has been unable to verify its content because Syria heavily restricts the movement of foreign journalists inside its borders.

President Bashar Assad’s 11-month crackdown on protests has sparked uproar worldwide.

In the German capital, Berlin, demonstrators attacked the Syrian embassy and scrawled graffiti on the walls in protest at the bloodshed.

Similar rallies were held in Britain and the US.

In Cairo, anti-Assad protesters stormed and ransacked the Syrian embassy.

At least 11 people were arrested.

Demonstrators carried out a similar attack on the mission last week.