Two killed, hundreds injured in Cairo after football protest

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Two killed, hundreds injured in Cairo after football protest

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There were violent clashes on the streets of Cairo on Thursday night, as outraged people expressed anger at the deaths of 74 people after a football match on Wednesday.

Earlier on, the crowd had marched to the Interior Ministry, who many believe were complicit in the football killings.

Some protesters waved the flag of Al Ahly football team, whose fans were targeted after the game.

Thursday night’s unrest lead to more than 400 people being injured after security forces used tear gas on the demonstrators. Two people were killed – shot dead by police who were trying to protect a police station, according to witnesses.

An angry paramedic was just one of those who blames the deaths at the football match and ensuing violence in Cairo on the Ministry of Interior.

“God will be angry and God will take revenge on those responsible,” he said.

Many believe fans of the winning al-Masry side were deliberately allowed to attack the Al Ahly supporters, as chaos broke out after a pitch invasion at the end of the match.

Al Ahly is a Cairo team and their supporters were very much involved in the uprising that resulted in President Hosni Mubarak being toppled. The feeling is that security was lacking and ineffective on purpose as a punishment for the revolution.

Responding to the outcry, an emergency parliamentary session was called and the Egyptian prime minister announced the sacking of several senior officials.