Deadly cold Europe

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Deadly cold Europe

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Shattering Siberian cold rolling over Europe banished what had been a mild winter. Ukraine got the worst of it, the temperature sliding fatally low. More than 100 people there froze to death. French television reported.

Due south of Ukraine, with only the Black Sea between them, lies Turkey. Istanbul, straddling the Bosporus, is also painted in shades of white. The weather smacked the country as if with a frozen paw. Turkish television reported.

The cold turbine over the Adriatic Sea swept masses of humidity up the length of Italy. In the thigh of the boot, inland, Bologna was one of the cities sent sprawling. Swiss television reported on the unusual experience.

Due east, across the Black Sea, in the future Winter Olympics host city of Sochi, in Russia, the residents were thrilled. If it is like this in 2014, that would suit them just fine. The white stuff is never guaranteed here. Russian television reported.