No end to big freeze in Europe

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No end to big freeze in Europe

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The big freeze continues throughout many parts of Europe with at least 79 deaths since Saturday. Emergency airlifts are being organised in Bosnia and Serbia to deliver essentials or to evacuate those living in snow blocked villages.

In Romania temperatures plunged to -32 degrees Celsius, freezing the Black Sea.

Hundreds of people have been sent to shelters to protect them from the extreme cold while others just marvel at mother nature.

The cold weather has produced some surprising sights – an ice church in the German Alps is drawing tourists from all over the region.

While in the capital, the snow is more of a headache for Berliners struggling to get to work in temperatures of -12.

One place not normally associated with low temperatures is the Mediterranean island of Corsica. Although 9,000 people were left without electricity after a heavy snow fall yesterday some are putting a brave face on the unexpected wintry weather.

One local said: “with or without snow, Corsica is beautiful.”