More Syrian blood spilt as violence escalates

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More Syrian blood spilt as violence escalates

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As the UN debates Syria, the violence, confusion and chaos there continue.

The latest amateur footage to emerge purports to show Syrian government troops defecting to the rebels in the city of Homs.

However, it is not possible to verify because of the restrictions placed on independent media.

Escalating violence has now killed thousands and those opposed to President Assad claim his forces have stepped up operations against opposition strongholds.

Overnight government snipers, infantry and armour took up new positions in the suburbs of Damascus to counter rebels on the doorstep of the capital.

There are also reportedly government crackdowns ongoing in the city of Hama and Homs and the border areas of Deraa and Idlib.

Syria’s state news agency claimed troops killed 11 members of an “armed terrorist group” close to Derra and uncovered bomb factories and field hospitals scattered around the suburbs of Damascus.

There are fears that the bloodshed will intensify.