International concerns mount over Senegal unrest

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International concerns mount over Senegal unrest

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The unrest in Senegal that has claimed several lives in recent days has prompted the UN Secretary General to call for restraint from all sides.

At least one person was killed in clashes in Dakar between police and opponents of President Abdoulaye Wade.

Ban Ki-moon has joined the US and France in voicing concern that the violence is undermining Senegal’s image as a stable democracy.

The clashes erupted after the country’s constitutional court ruled that Wade could stand for a third term in forthcoming elections. The judges, all appointed by Wade, agreed with his claim that a two-term limit did not apply to him as it only came into force during his second term.

The ruling united Senegal’s opposition in calling for the 85-year-old president to stand down.

The court’s decision to reject music star Youssou N’Dour’s candidacy fuelled the anger on the streets. It said N’Dour had not collected enough valid signatures to stand in the election on February 26.