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Occupy Washington camps defy eviction deadline

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Occupy Washington camps defy eviction deadline


Occupy Washington protesters have defied a police deadline to clear two occupy camps or face arrest.

In a gesture of rebellion the protesters have erected a huge blue “tent of dreams” to signal their determination to remain in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza.

Occupiers expect their numbers to be boosted by supporters arriving from Boston, Philadelphia and New York:

The mood in the camps is one of peaceful protest as this this man explains:

“I am here as a peaceful protester. I have no desire to cause violence and I have no desire to have violence caused to me.”

It is now a waiting game on Sunday things turned ugly in Oakland, California as 400 occupiers were arrested after pitched battles with police.

Activists describe themselves as a movement against inequality, corporate greed and elected officials whose main goal is re-election instead of serving those that elected them.

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