Concordia wreck might not be moved for months

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Concordia wreck might not be moved for months

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The wreck of the cruise ship Costa Concordia could remain lying off the Italian coast until the end of the year or even longer.

Bad weather and the fact the ship keeps slipping further into the sea mean that breaking it up or salvaging the massive hulk will not be easy.

Its presence is something the people of the picturesque Giglio island are having to get used to.

For one chef it is not a problem: “On the contrary we will get all these macabre tourists who come to see the ship. They look at it and take pictures…”

Another resident said: “Will this be good or bad for the island, we’ll see. The important thing is that they empty it of the fuel and all the pollutants. What can you do? The ship is out there.”

But with choppy seas forecast the pumping of more than 2,000 tones of diesel fuel from the ship’s tanks is being delayed.

And of course there is still the mission to find the remaining 16 people still missing.

The Head of Italian Civil Protection Agency, Franco Gabielli explained why his team keeps searching:

“ We could already have stopped searching a few days ago. We did not do that because we think we have a moral duty to continue. Because to give back a body to someone who is claiming it is one of the main rules of humanity.”

So far 17 bodies have been found after the cruise liner capsized more than two weeks ago after hitting a rock as it sailed too close to shore.