Senegal opposition vows resistance to Wade

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Senegal opposition vows resistance to Wade

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Senegal’s opposition has vowed resistance to President Wade, whose decision to seek a controversial third term in office sparked violent protests on Friday night.

The M23 movement is promising marches and sit-ins, while warning against violence, to try to stop the ageing leader.

“We invite the whole population to get organised and mobilised to face up to Wade. The combat is only just beginning,” said opposition spokesman Amadou Gueye.

Singer Youssou N’Dour, who unlike the sitting president has been disallowed from running, has accused the authorities of using security forces to intimidate people.

Senegal is increasingly becoming a police state, he claimed.

The interior ministry said a policeman killed during the clashes in Dakar had been hit on the head by a brick.

The president argues his first spell in office pre-dates a constitutional amendment imposing a limit of two terms.

“Let’s stop the violence, let’s stop the threats and let’s behave like citizens of the great country that is Senegal,” said Abdoulaye Wade in a televised appeal.

The president claims spending on education and infrastructure has modernised Senegal and made it competitive.

His critics say he has done nothing to alleviate poverty and little to tackle corruption during his 12 years in power.