More delays to fuel pumping from cruise ship Concordia

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More delays to fuel pumping from cruise ship Concordia

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Work to pump fuel from the capsized cruise ship Concordia has once again been suspended due to bad weather conditions.

The sea remains too rough for an environmental clean-up operation predicted to take between three weeks and a month. Two companies will be involved in safely removing more than 2,300 tonnes of fuel from the vessel.

On Sunday afternoon, the ship was relatively stable in the water according to Professor Riccardo Fanti of the University of Florence.

“The maximum speed recorded was one centimetre per hour in the area of the prow. The average speed throughout the period, meaning from 1am early Sunday morning, until now is about 5-6 millimetres per hour,” Fanti said.

Slow movements, but not slow to be safe for the divers who have been exploring the wreckage. They too were prevented from going near the ship on Sunday.

A 17th body discovered on Saturday has now been identified as a female member of the crew. Fifteen people are still missing.

The captain Francesco Schettino is facing multiple charges of manslaughter.