Egyptians vote in upper house polls

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Egyptians vote in upper house polls

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Egyptians have been voting in an election for the country’s upper house of parliament.

The votes for the Shura Council will take place over two stages and end in the middle of February.

The Muslim Brotherhood will be looking to repeat its success in polling for the lower house where it won 47 percent of the seats.

The party was banned under former president Hosni Mubarak and elections were rigged.

Emad Sayyed, a Cairo man casting his ballot, said: “The Islamists should get their chance. And I don’t judge anyone until I see what they can do. So I think this is a natural outcome.”

Hussein Mohamed Hassan, an 80-year-old voter, said: “I have seen it all in my life, I’m 80 years old and I’ve seen many people, and many crooks, and many people who have no conscience. And I hope that God will improve our situation.”

One hundred and eighty members will be chosen through the ballot box.

The remaining 90 will be picked by Egypt’s next president, expected to be elected next June.

Both houses of parliament will select a 100-strong assembly to rewrite the country’s Mubarak-era constitution.

Egyptians marked the one-year anniversary of their former leader’s ouster on Wednesday.

The army seized power shortly afterwards.

Protesters want their military rulers to step down now and handover to a civilian interim government.