IMF's Lagarde urges quick resolution to euro crisis

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IMF's Lagarde urges quick resolution to euro crisis

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IMF chief Christine Lagarde has urged European leaders to act fast and deal with the continent’s debt crisis.

She was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The former French finance minister said the single currency crisis poses a real risk the global economy.

“No one is immune in the current situation. It’s not just a eurozone crisis, it’s a crisis that could have collateral effects, spillover effects, around the world,” she told delegates.

British Finance Minister George Osborne echoed those calls and refused to rule out Britain providing further funds for the IMF if asked to do so.

Davos attracts the leading decision makers from the worlds of politics, business and finance.

It also attracts the ire of left-wing protesters.

During Lagarde’s speech, a group of anti-globalisation demonstrators gathered outside the hall.

Seven of them were detained by police after an attack on one diplomat’s car left the vehicle with smashed windows.

The World Economic Forum comes to an end on Sunday.