PIP implant owner charged but released on bail

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PIP implant owner charged but released on bail

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The owner of the French breast implant maker at the centre of a global health scare has been released on bail after being charged with involuntary injury. He will not be investigated for the graver charge of manslaughter.

Jean-Claude Mas has been told he cannot leave the country and must not meet former executives of his now defunct PIP company. His lawyer, Yves Haddad said Mas was still facing criminal charges and could stand trial for fraud in October.

“There are problems (with the implants), I’m not saying there aren’t. But as far as its genotoxicity, there is no proof. As far as any danger or link to cancer is concerned, there is no indication,” said Lawyer Yves Haddad.

Two years ago France banned PIP implants made with low-grade silicone, amid fears they could rupture and leak.

Up to 400,000 women in 65 countries are believed to have been given implants.

The scandal has triggered calls for suppliers of prosthetics to be more strictly regulated.