Spain pushes for jobs help cash from EU

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Spain pushes for jobs help cash from EU

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Looking for ideas on how to help Spain’s struggling economy new Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy met with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Thursday.

Merkel welcomed a proposal by Rajoy for surplus European funds to be used to generate jobs, particularly for young people.

Rajoy said: “The most important aim of our country for the next year is to create jobs and assure economic growth, that’s the basis of prosperity in Spain and also for the perpetuation of public services like education and pensions.”

At an EU growth summit on Monday, Rajoy will push for unused European structural and social funds money to go to creating jobs and training opportunities

Spain has the highest unemployment rate in the eurozone. On Thursday the country’s finance minister said it was 24 percent of the working population at the end of last year and over 40 percent of young people.

It is not clear how much structural and social funds cash might be available.