Hope runs out of finding Italian wreck survivors

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Hope runs out of finding Italian wreck survivors

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Search efforts aboard the capsized Costa Concordia are now realistically aimed at recovering bodies rather than rescuing survivors. 13 days after the disaster off the Italian coast, no one expects to find any of the 17 still people missing.

16 bodies have so far been recovered from the wreck which is at the centre of an increasingly complex investigation.

The cruise line’s CEO has admitted before Italy’s Senate that captains were sometimes encouraged to sail close to the coast for publicity reasons.

Transcripts have now appeared in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica of the Concordia’s captain complaining of the pressure he was under from management to do just that. The conversation was taped while he was being held following his arrest.

Captain Francesco Schettino has been accused of abandoning ship before his passengers and of recklessness.

The liner’s owners deny having prior knowledge of Schettino’s fateful manoeuvre which resulted in the liner hitting a rock which tore a hole in the ship.