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Portugal's president complains about his pension cut


Portugal's president complains about his pension cut

Protesters gathered outside Portugal’s presidential palace to donate money and food to the head of state after he complained about a drop in his pension due to the government’s austerity measures.

His remarks sparked a storm of protest.

Thousands have signed a petition calling for President Anibal Cavaco Silva to resign, bearing in mind the majority of Portugal’s elderly exist only a fraction of their president’s income.

The man who started the petition, Nuno Luís Marreiros, was pragmatic about what it might achieve: “If the petition has no other impact, maybe it will at least show to our politicians that the Portuguese are beginning to protest a bit more and to make their opinions known,” he said.

Cavaco Silva’s FaceBook page was also targeted. He has a declared income of 10,000 euros a month as well as investments, whereas average Portuguese has to survive on only 900 euros.

Cartoonists have had a field day over his remarks but the president has apologised admitting he expressed himself badly.