Occupy protesters dig-in at Davos

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Occupy protesters dig-in at Davos

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Anti-capitalist demonstrators are hardy creatures, neither the wet nor the cold puts them off mounting a protest.

Igloos have replaced tents for their encampment outside the venue of the annual World Economic Forum which begins in Davos today.

Slogans criticising the wealthy one per cent who determine the fate of the rest of us are out in force.

Occupy protester Florian Sieber explained:

“Our message is ‘Don’t let them decide for you.’ And we’re not putting this slogan in front of them, in front of the self-called global leaders, but in front of everyone else, of the 99 per cent.”

But the argument from the Occupy movement is a reminder to the leaders of finance and industry that resentment is leading to questions about the future direction of capitalism.

“Markets have to serve society in the end,” said WEF Founder Klaus Schwab. “ What we have seen with all of the excesses and with the lack of inclusiveness in the capitalist system, makes me think we have to adopt or rebalance our system.”

The five day gathering has a tough agenda – with rising inequality, youth unemployment, a retirement crisis and debt burdened nations – the world’s top financial and economic brains will be busy. And the Occupy movement will be there to call them to account.