Egypt split over success of revolution

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Egypt split over success of revolution

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It is a year since Egyptian protesters began their uprising which lead to the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak.

To mark the anniversary thousands have gathered in Tahrir Square with mixed emotions as videos are shown of the struggle 12 months ago.

But the anniversary has exposed divisions over the pace for democratic change. Despite ending three decades of emergency rule some, including political analyst Hasan Nafaa, are concerned the generals are obstructing reform to protect their interests.

“The Egyptians were able to topple the head of the regime, but those who carried out the revolution are still not in power. This means that we’ve entered a democratic procedural phase, and it’s not clear whether it will produce people who truly speak for the revolution.” said Hasan Nafaa.

Last January’s protests were to bring in democracy – for many, particularly the dominating Islamist parties, the recent elections have been the first step towards that end. But for others the military must step aside now.