E-business defies financial gloom

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E-business defies financial gloom

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The European Commission has said it wants to support e-commerce and online businesses more.

Latest studies show the Internet creates 2.6 jobs for every one it helps destroy.

Speaking at the ‘‘Single Market Opportunity 2012’‘ in Brussels, EU Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani said: “If we want to win the battle against the economic crisis, it’s clear we must fight debt, but at the same time, it’s necessary to work towards growth. Company competitiveness is essential and at the heart of that is technology.’‘

The business forum aims to bring small and medium sized technology companies and start-ups together. The US web giant Google was also there.

Matt Brittin, Google’s Vice-President for Northern and Central Europe said: “We have seen that small businesses are taking a huge advantages of the Web and we have done some research that shows the Internet economy, in Europe, is already between 3% and 7% of GDP, depending on which country and it is already creating millions of jobs. “

Representing Portugal in Brussels was Amen, a company that manages Internet domains and supports companies who want to create web sites. Nuno Matias told euronews that the firm has witnessed remarkable growth and now has over 30 000 customers. In 2010 to 2011 the number of people using Amen grew by 30% while its turnover has seen a 6% percent rise.