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Unregistered passengers hamper liner rescue efforts

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Unregistered passengers hamper liner rescue efforts


The head of Italy’s civil protection authority, Franco Gabrielli, has claimed a number of unregistered passengers may have been on board the Costa Concordia, which sank on January 13 close to the Italian island of Giglio.

The body of a female recovered on Saturday remains unidentified. Relatives of a missing Hungarian woman informed authorities she was on board the luxury liner with a crew member, but her name was not on the passenger list.

A total of 15 bodies has now been found. Two more — both women — were discovered by divers on deck number four on Monday.

The ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, is under house arrest as investigations into the accident continue.

Divers are still searching for the 17 people listed as missing.

Gabrielli said the ship was stable and there appeared no immediate risk that it could slide off the rock outcrop where it is caught and slip into deeper waters.

He said search operations could continue and operations to pump some 2,400 tonnes of fuel from the vessel could begin while the search for bodies was still under way.

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