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Two more bodies found in sunken Italian cruise ship

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Two more bodies found in sunken Italian cruise ship


Divers searching the sunken cruise liner, the Costa Concordia, have recovered two more bodies bringing the total number of those found to 15.
The bodies of two women were discovered close to an Internet cafe on the fourth deck; the nationalities and identities of the victims have yet to be determined.
Italy’s Civil Protection Agency said the search for the 17 passengers known to be missing will continue, despite the risk to divers caused by decomposing food in the wreck.
Those coordinating rescue efforts said a number of unregistered passengers may have been on board complicating the search.  
Operations were due to begin to remove the 2,300 tonnes of fuel from the vessel on Tuesday after officials declared the ship stable. 
Environmentalists said that contamination of the waters around the island of Giglio where the liner hit rocks is already underway.
Authorities are checking samples around Giglio’s desalination plant, which provides fresh water for the island. 

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