Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood confirmed as election winners

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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood confirmed as election winners

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In Egypt, it has been confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood has won the biggest share of seats in the country’s first freely elected parliament in decades.

The final results, announced on Saturday, will give the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party, the FJP, a major role in drafting the country’s new constitution after the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.

Abdul Moez Ibrahim, the President of the High Elections Committee, announced the results. Under the electoral system, two thirds of the seats in the lower house are decided by proportional representation. The FJP won 127 seats. The hardline Islamist party Al-Nour took 96. The other third are contested by individual candidates which will mean the FJP will have 235 seats, Al-Nour 119.

“The Freedom and Justice party was illegal during the reign of Mubarak so Egyptians voted for them to give then an opportunity,” explained Jamal Salama, President of Al Manar Journal.

The biggest surprise was that women won only a handful of seats despite their huge participation in the election.

Hassan Nafea, Professor of Political Science at the University of Cairo, believes the Islamist parties will now form a united front.

“I think the Islamists can act as a coalition. It will change depending on what issues arise,” he said.

Our correspondent in Cairo, Riad Muasses, said: “The confirmation of these results and the dominance of the Islamists in the elections for the first elected parliament confirms that Egypt is now entering a new phase in its history.”