Etro, Versace and Prada on show in Milan

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Etro, Versace and Prada on show in Milan

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Designer Kean Etro had his head in the clouds with his menswear collection – putting feathers on everything from hats to velvet slippers on the third day of Milan’s Fashion Week.

“It’s this Pegasus; this flying horse which is our mythical logo but before being a logo it’s a mythical horse and it’s a horse that flies in the sky. It’s a storyteller,” Etro said. “Then you have the American Indian coming from this other side, always loving eagles, loving Mother Earth, living in the myth, living in sacredness – so from my side – trying to grasp their symbology; their alchemy and trying to convey it in the garments I did.”

Etro turned convention on its head, opening the show with evening wear, featuring tuxedo tails adorned with feathers, and a clear Milan trend for next winter – velvet jackets with feathered lapels.

The feathers became bolder as the collection turned towards day wear, and brocade put in an appearance too, helping to give an overall tribal feel.

He also focused on scarves, creating a layered look that’s become a hallmark of Milan this year.


Versace said its autumn/winter collection shows men as icons of masculinity.

It takes its inspiration from diverse masculine cultures; from the military to motorbikes and tribal leaders – to more conventional figures of authority.

There are designs based on uniforms in bold colours and prints… some in pinstripe and others in brightly-coloured cavalry twill.

Though they took decidedly different directions, all the designers in Milan took many of the same cues, including double-breasted suits, evening tailcoats, fur trimming and floral prints.


The Prada winter fashion show was peppered with Hollywood actors taking on the role of catwalk models.

Most of them sported the collection’s staple overcoat, long, black and elegant with wire-rimmed sunglasses tucked like a handkerchief in the breast pocket.

Prada’s winter 2012/2013 collection evoked a man who is both eccentric and mysterious, and sometimes a bit of a snob.

Something of a dandy, he prefers his hair long, and frequently cultivates a moustache.

But even though Prada had Oscar-winning actors playing the models, the clothes still kept the starring role.

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