More feared missing in Italian cruise ship disaster

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More feared missing in Italian cruise ship disaster

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The Italian coast guard has once again revised its estimates of those still thought to be missing after the capsizing of a cruise ship on Friday night.

Twenty-nine people remain unaccounted for – 25 passengers and four crew. Another official said they included 14 Germans, six Italians, four French, two Americans, an Indian, a Peruvian and a Hungarian.

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Search and rescue teams are finding it increasingly difficult to search the wreckage with small movements of the vessel adding to the dangerous nature of their task.

As the investigation continued into the cause of the disaster, Prosecutor Francesco Verusio, when asked what was the most compelling piece of evidence in this case, said: “The reckless manoeuvre that the captain of the Costa Concordia made near the island of Giglio is something that is inexcusable. He added: “We are sure enough that he abandoned the ship when many passengers were still waiting to be evacuated.”

Captain, Francesco Schettino, is accused of involuntary manslaughter. He denies wrongdoing and has blamed inaccurate maritime maps which failed to identify rocks which holed the ship’s hull.

Seven people are confirmed dead while more than 4,000 passengers and crew managed to get off the stricken vessel safely amid scenes of panic and confusion.

Concerns are now turning to the ship’s oil tanks which experts say have not been ruptured but precautions are being taken to restrict any possible spillage.