Eleven known to have died in Italy cruiser crash

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Eleven known to have died in Italy cruiser crash

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Eleven people are now known to have died on board a cruise liner stranded off Italy’s Tuscan coast.

Rescue workers found another five bodies inside the Costa Concordia earlier on Tuesday.

The ship has been stuck on a rocky ledge close to Giglio Island in the middle of a maritime national park since Friday.

Rescuers detonated explosive charges to access some parts of the cruiser that had been blocked off since the crash.

Most of the 4,200 people on board managed to flee, but 24 people remain accounted for.

The man leading the search and rescue operation still hopes to find some of them alive.

“There is a new strategy. They want to inspect the last part of the dry area. They will start again with the call-out system in order to see if there is some other people still alive,” said Luciano Roncalli, the firefighting rescue chief.

The ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, has been placed under house arrest after being questioned by magistrates in court.

He faces multiple manslaughter charges and is accused of abandoning ship – even before his passengers had managed to scramble for safety.

Francesco Verusio, the prosecutor in the case, told reporters Schettino had confirmed he was in command of the vessel at the moment of impact. Schettino denies all the allegations against him.

Costa Cruises, the ship’s operator, has blamed human error for the accident. The firm says the Concordia was sailing too close to the shore in breach of company policy.