UN chief urges Security Council unity on Syria

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UN chief urges Security Council unity on Syria

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The United Nations Secretary General has called on members of the Security Council to act with one voice over Syria.

Ban Ki-moon said despite his appeals to President Bashar al-Assad to stop the killing and bloodshed and listen to his own people, matters had got worse.

Until now any move towards sanctions against Syria has met with hostility from Russia and China.

“I know that there are some differences of opinions among the member states of the security council but the number of casualties has reached such an unacceptable stage, we cannot let this situation continue like this, this way, this is my urgent appeal,” said the UN Secretary General.

He also said he wanted Arab League observers to continue their work in Syria.

Recently they visited Zabadani in the foothills of the Lebanese border. The town used to be a summer resort, a getaway for residents of nearby Damascus.

Now it is in the hands of the rebel Free Syrian Army. New amateur video shows masked gunmen patrolling the streets.

“The Free Army consists of soldiers and officers who have defected from Assad’s forces who are killing civilians, and they have protected civilians in several areas and one of these areas is Zabadani. The Free Army have clashed with the security forces,” said one man wearing a facemask bearing the words ‘God is great’.

An assault on Zabadani by Assad’s forces last week was the largest against his opponents since the monitors arrived.

Residents say they face nightly attacks. Damascus blames foreign-backed ‘armed terrorists’ for the violence.