Spanish political veteran Manuel Fraga dies

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Spanish political veteran Manuel Fraga dies

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Veteran Spanish politician Manuel Fraga, the last surviving minister of General Franco’s right-wing regime, has died at the age of 89.

In a career spanning 60 years, Fraga served as Franco’s information and tourism minister and as Spain’s interior minister after the dictator died in 1975.

Although most Franco politicians quickly faded into obscurity Fraga helped write the country’s post-Franco, democratic Constitution.

He later moved Franco loyalists more towards the political centre and co-founded the People’s Party, grooming Jose Maria Aznar to replace him as leader of the Spanish right.

In post-Franco years, he ran his native Galicia region with a tight grip and was eventually made a Senator.

Fraga was a blunt-talking man who, although divisive, was recognised on all sides as a talented political figure.