Demonstrators detained after clashes in Kosovo

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Demonstrators detained after clashes in Kosovo

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More than 140 arrests have been made in Kosovo, after demonstrators tried to stop traffic from neighbouring Serbia entering the territory.

In the latest flare-up, police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse the activists, who claim Serbia is obstructing economic and political development in Kosovo.

The Kosovo Albanian protesters hurled rocks at police. Some officers were reportedly injured.

The clashes happened in the town of Podujevo. Violence also flared at another border crossing.

The demonstrators were followers of an opposition political party.

“I think that people of Kosovo want reciprocity, the parliament of Kosovo decided for full reciprocity, political, economical and trade reciprocity with Serbia. And by behaving good with Serbia, Serbia is getting worse,” said Albin Kurti from the ‘Self Determination’ movement.

Ninety per cent ethnic Albanian, Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Serbia does not recognise that independence.