Nigerian oil unions suspend strike

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Nigerian oil unions suspend strike

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Following days of protest, Nigeria is expecting a calmer weekend after unions suspended strike action over the government’s removal of a fuel subsidy.

Tens of thousands have taken to the streets recently, angered by a move that doubles the price of petrol. However, supporters of President Goodluckl Jonathan, say they see the benefits and back the government’s claim that the money will be redirected to infrastructure development.

One man taking part in a pro-government demonstration in the Niger Delta said: “We are in support of the president. As far the president of the country has taken a decision, the country should give him a chance.”

Unions had threatened to stop production of crude on Sunday, delivering a potentially heavy blow to oil-rich Nigeria’s economy. Instead, workers’ leaders and government officials will sit down to talks, hoping to resolve a dispute that has brought much of the country to a halt. The unions have warned their actions will continue if negotiations fail.