Haitians mark anniversary of deadly quake

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Haitians mark anniversary of deadly quake

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Haitians have been marking the second anniversary of the earthquake that tore apart their Caribbean nation.

The disaster, in January 2010, left around 300,000 people dead and countless more homeless.

President Michel Martelly paid tribute to the dead at Titanyen, a mass burial ground north of the capital Port-au-Prince.

“Today, on January 12, 2012, we are inspired by the passage to the other side of those who died in the tragedy,” Martelly said. “They inspire us, not to lament them and to cry. But, as an example, as we manage and build a Haitian habitat.”

Despite international donations, Haitians say there has been little progress with the nation’s recovery and restoration. Two years on, tent camps are still home to more than half a million people in Port-au-Prince. Cholera and squalor remain rife.

President Martelly has vowed to redouble government efforts to help people rebuild their lives.