Fresh violence heightens civil war fears in Syria

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Fresh violence heightens civil war fears in Syria

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Violence erupted across Syria, underlying a warning from the head of the Arab League that the country was entering a civil war that could create unrest across the region. Homs, in the south was again the focus of violent protests against President Bashar Assad. However demonstrations were reported elsewhere after Friday prayers.

The Arab League’s monitoring mission has so far failed to bring stability. Its chief, Nabil Elaraby, told Arabic media that the ongoing bloodshed could have consequences for neighbouring states.

That is a worrying message for the UN Secretary General. Ban ki Moon, on a visit to Lebanon, repeated his call to the Syrian leadership to stop its violent crackdown in what has become one of the bloodiest episodes of the Arab Spring.

The Arab League says it may refer Syria to the Security Ccouncil if its monitors issue a critical report next week.

While the opposition in Syria is growing and is more unified than before President Assad still has strong support within the country and beyond. That was confirmed in a rally by his supporters in Beirut that coincided with Ban’s visit.