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Tablets at CES


Tablets at CES

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is, say the organisers, gadget heaven. They expect around 150,000 people to visit the show for a first look at some of the new gadgets being shown by around 2,700 exhibitors.

Intel is hoping to corner a new market with their “Ultrabook.” An ultraportable laptop, it’s very small and light but boasts standard performance by using low-power Intel processors.

Samsung launched their new Galaxy 7.7 tablet – the screen is 7.7 inches wide, making it one of the smallest tablets on the market. And small means lighter which means more portable. The Galaxy weighs just 340g and is designed to slip into a coat pocket or purse. It promises sharper colours, better contrast and faster response time.

And finally, a waterproof Smartphone. At least, that’s what Fujitsu promises!

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