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  • Putin says very much hopes he will not have to use right to use military force in East Ukraine ( Reuters)
  • Putin says relations with China developing extremely succesfully, but creating military-political alliance with China is not on the agenda (Reuters)
  • Putin says Russian forces were in Crimea during the referendum supporting local defence forces (Reuters)
  • Russia has to speed up switching Crimea’s banking system to rouble (Putin)
  • Putin says he is sure Russia will find m​utual understanding with Ukraine (Reuters)


  • Shame

    Shame is a new film from Steve McQueen staring Michael Fassbender as a sex-addict. When his sister… 12/01/12 16:38 CET


  • Grim day for UK bank workers

    Royal Bank of Scotland is to cut 3,500 jobs in its investment banking section and sell or close… 12/01/12 16:15 CET




  • Tablets at CES

    The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is, say the organisers, gadget heaven. They… 12/01/12 15:14 CET


  • Danuta Hübner on I Talk

    Alex Taylor, euronews: One of Europe’s problems is that it’s simply too big. People find it hard… 12/01/12 20:41 CET

le mag

  • Photographers at work

    A new exhibition has opened in Catalonia, Spain, of work by French photographer and painter Jacques… 12/01/12 16:44 CET




  • Kirkuk: financing the future

    Kirkuk lies on the well of Iraqi oil. The ethnically diverse city contains 40 per cent of the… 12/01/12 17:31 CET


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