Paul nibbles at heels of primary winner

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Paul nibbles at heels of primary winner

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It is Ron Paul’s third bid for the White House. The 76-year-old, often called the grandfather of the Tea Party, is a believer in lower taxes and limited government. In New Hampshire he came second in what was his first primary this time round.

Analysts will study the figures closely to see if the gynaecologist can build momentum. In 2008 he failed to win a caucus or primary. He believes this time around he is making progress.

Dr Ron Paul told supporters: “I called Governor Romney a short while ago, before he gave his talk and I congratulated him because he certainly had a clear cut victory, but we’re nibbling at his heels.”

John Huntsman, twice elected governor of Utah and a former ambassador to Beijing was third. He had built momentum in the closing days of campaigning and some believe with more time could have challenged for the second spot more strongly. He had not stood in the Iowa caucus focusing his efforts in New Hampshire.

Rick Santorum who had pushed Romney so close in Iowa did not make the same impression. The man who described himself as, “The Jesus candidate” was well behind the leaders. “We have a campaign that has a message and a messenger that can deliver what we need,” he said.